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2-week Volunteer and Horseback Riding Trip only 650 USD…

Our Volunteering with Horseback Riding Trip offers participants the opportunity to explore Mongolian nomadic life, awe-inspiring a unique area of unsurpassed geographical and human diversity, with forest, desert, steppe and lakelands populated by over 15 distinct ethnic groups,  while simultaneously making a much-needed, positive impact in the lives of the underprivileged children of Mongolia who live in orphanages and poorest ger (Mongolian felt tent) street that are resource poor and understaffed. During the program, you will stay with a warm and welcoming host family, where you will experience home away from home and immerse yourself in Mongolian culture.

The program starts with 12 days of volunteer work helping the deprived children after which you will join 2-day Horseback Riding Trip in Karakorum, ancient Mongolian capital.   

Mongolia is one of the greatest lands of horseback riding tours and horseback trekking. There are more than 2.5 million horses in Mongolia.Horses are deeply embedded within Mongolia's culture; they are an indication of a man's wealth. The pace of life is governed by the speed of the horse and horses are woven into Mongolian song, verse and history. Infants are taught to ride before they walk, and a young man's prowess is measured by his skill as a horseman. Participants will also be treated to a one-day tour of the famous and wondrous city of Ulaanbaatar - experiencing the country through the eyes of its warm, hospitable people.

Compared to other International volunteer organizations, we offers incredibly competitive rates for our programs. The entire New Choice organization relies on volunteer contributions in order to stay alive, and attain our goals - empowering local communities. 

New Choice offers not-for-profit program fees for fun, rewarding, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities in Mongolia. Whether you're planning a week helping a local community as you travel around a country, want to spend six months learning the local language or are putting your gap year to good use, New Choice has a program that will give you the best possible experience. 

So why would you volunteer through New Choice, rather than another agency? 

Joining our team

Every year we are joined by people from all over the world, wishing to help children in need. Why not become a volunteer yourself, and make a difference to many young lives? Our staff members are friendly, and always willing to help. We make it a priority to ensure that each volunteer is happy in their placement. You can partake in a whole range of different programmes, suited to your skills and abilities – take a look at what is on offer. Placements are for a minimum of two weeks up to three months. If you are interested in a long-term placement (up to one year), please ask for details. During the summer we organise tours for volunteers, giving those who join us an opportunity to explore Mongolia.  

Choosing a programme

There are many areas of work we are able to offer you. They are included within:

Mobile clinic / Orphanage / Media/Newspaper / Teaching English / Health care / Summer camp / Building and Renovation / Volunteering with Horseback Riding trip

If you are a native English speaker, you may wish to teach English at one of the schools or the state orphanage. If your profession is medical, you may wish to help at a health clinic, or be involved in our mobile clinic service. If you are an outdoor type, interested in sports, or are an artist or musician, you may wish to join the Orphanage projects. If you are a handyman/woman, you may wish to help with our building and renovation work. There are many other types of help we would appreciate – let us know what your skills are!



The 22nd October is very special day for Mongolian orphans. Our organization donated and remodeled Orphanage Traing Room.

"NEW CHOICE" BASKETBALL TEAM (Children of orphans)

"New Choice" orphans basketball team won gold medal in 11th October


Our Sweden friends Katarine and Jorgen (2010 and 2011)


1.Volunteers helps to kids and elders, who lives poor condition 2.Mobile clinic volunteers, Elaine, Claudia, Christine, Kim and Jinri 3.Mobile Clinic volunteer Christine

4.Family Clinic located in poorest district


Canadian Dentists examining teeth of countrysyde's 900 children.


Video offering insight into volunteering in Mongolia. New Choice volunteers describe their experiences and offer tips and advise for future volunteers



“…During the stay in Ulaanbaatar, I got a really good insight in the everyday life and problems of Mongolian people. It was very helpful to have a New Choice staffs at my site. They were very nice and we shared a good time together.”

Katie Romanski, Australia

“New Choice officers explained me many things about life and customs as well as language. In the begin, it was quite difficult to get used to the cyrilic letter, the street names, the language, the food etc. However, in the second week I got used to it. Now back home, I will make my film about Mongolia. It will be great project for my college practice..”

David, Ireland

“I miss the wonderful girl in the day care center and hope that they will have a bright and good future. I also miss the spirit of Mongolia…”

Barun, USA

"… the family I stayed with were wonderful people, so friendly and hospitable, I soon felt like I was a part of the family."

Rahul Moodgal, England

“My Teaching placement is brilliant, the children are fantastic and the other Mongolian teachers are very friendly and helpful…"

James, Ireland

“English summer camp and New Choice Kharkhorin trip was excellent. Every thing is very organizing. I will come back next year…”

Emily, Australia