Our charity, New Choice, was founded in 2004 by Bayarjargal D, out of deep concern for the welfare of orphans and other vulnerable children in Mongolia. Since then we have become a strong and active body of people bound together by the same concern. We are a registered non-governmental and non-profit organization, based in the capital Ulaanbaatar.

Our mission statement

'To improve the conditions of, and advance in life, impoverished and orphanaged children by ·promoting and protecting their physical and mental well-being, and ·furthering their education through the provision of facilities and services, with a vision or their becoming active and valued members of society. From the outset we have been motivated by a strong wish to empower the less fortunate children of Mongolia. We believe every child has the right to good health and education, and we feel it is our responsibility to provide these. A child's potential for self-development will then naturally increase, creating a mature and responsible individual.

Our staff

Our director is Bayarjargal,D. He has been involved in youth development work for over ten years, and has been especially active in promoting child welfare. He is committed to his work for New Choice, carefully overseeing its development. The team at New Choice is made up entirely of volunteers, both Mongolian and foreign. Every volunteer is valued for their personal contributions, whether they be teacher, engineer, dentist, or medical student on a gap year. If you are interested in joining the team as a volunteer, see getting involved.


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Marketing & Public Relations

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